Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The reveal!

One thing I love about our tree is that it is almost as sparkly in the daytime with the lights off

As in the evening with lights on.

I love the "olde victorian"-type look of Noble firs, with the wide spaces between branches and room for tinsel.  I absolutely love the tin tinsel and light reflectors from Pietersma Tinworks.  They give it such an old-fashioned shine.

And decorating the tree with our eclectic collection of ornaments, oh so much fun.  This year the two kids were old enough to decorate the lower branches mostly  on their own, but of course, Lena's idea of decorating a branch was as follows:

Plus the mixture of handmade and factory-made ornaments, so pretty!

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  1. Beautiful tree and your ornaments are very very nice, even with the children's own input, that is what Christmas is all about:))