Friday, December 17, 2010

Pneumonia is the pits!

Did I mention how the boy had pneumonia last week?  As it turns out that stuff is contagious.  And, from first hand experience, it is also AWESOME (sarcasm).  But what is truly awesome is tough antibotics and cough syrup with codiene that once you start taking, you start to feel almost human again fairly quickly. 

Modern medicine = win.

In honor of not dying of consumption, a pretty picture:

Ahh.  Sunset at the ocean, March 2009. Nice.  Off to go procrastinate and recuperate through stitching...

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  1. Pneumonia, huh? Been there, done that. One kid bounced back, one didn't - nor did I. I recommend taking it easy (ie: spend lots of time sitting and stitching!) for a while after you start feeling better. I went back to work too soon and had a relapse not fun.