Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bellpull (really) finished!


What I like best about this piece is that I've finished a project that Grandma was not able to finish, and how she will get to enjoy it.  She did all of the fruit panels a few years ago; I just attached them to the backing fabric (she wanted them finished into pockets, not easy) and did the border and finishing.

What I like second best about it is that it's done, and assembled, and packed in the box to be shipped. 
What I like third best is how with this kind of pattern, way up close it looks like nothing.  Just random colors next to each other.

But when you zoom way out it becomes a thing.

You can click that photo to see larger if you'd like. 

So, HOORAY!  Happy dancing around here, it would spill out into the streets if we weren't in the middle of a rain storm (3.5 inches of rain in past 48 hrs).

Off to work on dinner, then something more my style...


  1. I'm happy dancing along with you! lol This a beautiful piece of inter-generational work. I'm glad you were able to finish it as your grandmother requested.

  2. great piece. i know how good it feels when you finish a piece. congratulations.