Monday, September 5, 2011


Just back from B.C.  Ask my daughter what her favorite part was, and she'll say, "catching frogs!"  As many of you know, "frogging" is also a euphemism for tearing out needlework mistakes--"rip it, rip it" but I was fortunate that kind of frog did not visit on this trip. 

One of the few sunny afternoons we went to a lake, which had piles and piles of frogs the size of a quarter.  I say piles, because they piled themselves in sunny areas into masses that looked like clods of mud (or cow pies) if you didn't look to close.  But then when you stepped close, they all hopped away to the safety of tall grass. 

The kids went crazy catching them, but bored of it quickly when they realized there were tadpoles in the lake!  Our tadpoles here are tiny little things, hard to find, in swampy areas we don't often go.  These were big fat long things. 

I am glad we hadn't cleaned out the car recently and could find buckets and bottles. 

And that I never go anywhere without my trusty hand lens (magnifying glass to the layman). 

And, that I could stitch in the sun for a few minutes while the kids played naturalist. 

More frogs next time!