Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hello December.

Sad news.  The replacement camera was only working 24 hours before the lens error of death reared its ugly head again.  AND the boy has a raging fever.  So not much adventuring has been happening over the past few days. 

I did start decking the halls, but it's not done yet.  Right now I am concentrating on getting everyone healthy again so we can go get a tree this weekend and go hog-wild on the hall-decking.

This is one of last year's ornaments.  That green and gold tree is painted with shiva paintstiks using a tree stencil, and a quick chain-stitch garland added in red metallic thread and some swarovski bicone ornaments.  I think this was one of the fastest ornaments ever made but it doesn't look it. 

Can't wait to pull out more!

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