Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Scissors -- Sentimental Favorites

These two little dears are nothing super spectacular...except that they were last year's birthday gifts from my two favorite little people.

The boy picked out the blue ones on the left, which are very sturdy little 3-inch "Blooms" brand scissors with titanium blades.  Actually very nice travel scissors.  And the girl (of course) picked out the little pink Kelmscott "Little Gems" on the right.  They don't cut worth a darn but they are very very cute!

And the two of them even managed to pick out colors that matched the pieces I had recently done for them!  (They may have had daddy's help.) 

Finish: Arelate Studio "Ferocious Beastie" for Lena

I mean, just look at these faces.  How could they not do a great job?


  1. Wow oh wow! I love your pictures of your scissors. I only have one and I'm envious ^.^ I'm currently having a Scissors Fobs Giveaway on my blog. You're welcome to join in if you're interested.

  2. Thank you! I stopped by your blog and your fobs are lovely, I will enter. :)