Monday, October 18, 2010

My Scissors -- New and mysterious

Happy Monday morning everyone!

Look what arrived in Friday's mail:

These are so fine and I am glad I finally sprang for them.  Wasa Solingen 3 1/4 inch in a style Silent Stitches calls "Ada".  Sharp tips, well balanced, great "feel" my new favorites. 

Now these are a mystery.  My grandmother gave me boxes and boxes of her old stitching stuff last year, and these little scissors were among the goodies inside. 

I've done a little Googling and it seems that Hainlin & Co on the sleeve is a store in Germany, but I can't find out anything about those little scissors themselves.  They are small and sharp, about 2.75" long, and the maker mark looks like a grimacing face or something with a needle in the mouth.  There is a word printed under the face but it is hard to read, might be "werklass"? 

I don't know but I suspect Grandma picked them up on one of her many travels through Europe in the 1980s, but I could be way off.  They might just have been a freebie the store was giving away but they seem decent quality. Anyone have any idea?

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  1. wow, I'm in love with those Wasa's. Another item for my wish list.