Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More scissors -- Lift N Snips

Lightweight little Lift n Snips. 

Great to slide into the project bag because they are inexpensive, and the blades are very short and blunt so they are airplane-safe.  At least, I haven't had a problem...of course there is no gaurantee what your TSA agent will think.

I only have two of these, but I think there are only two models anyway-- straight and curved blades.  Both also have one blade with a small hook-shape blade, which you can slide under a thread to slip it close without knicking any other threads. 
Hard to explain maybe but easy to show:

Anyway I like them both about the same.  The curved blade ones are newer, so have smoother action, and are finer all-around.  It's good these scissors are inexpensive, because they don't seem to stay sharp as long as some other brands-- I think that little hook is probably the culprit there, I suspect it's hard to sharpen and gets a lot of use always at the same point on the blade. 

Next time: Japanese snippers...


  1. You have a beautiful blog, I am happy to have found it.
    Be always in stitches.

  2. Thank you Jayne! I stopped by yours as well, it's lovely. :)