Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Scissors - Primitives

Bet you thought I'd finished with the scissors, heh heh.  "Primitive" style!

WIP: Carriage House Samplings "Frederick" with HDF silks on recommended linen

Plus you can see Frederick up there finally has a head.  Whoo hoo!

First, on the left, are 4.25-inch 18th cent reproductions from Cheswick Company.  I love the way this style looks with primitive style samplers like Fred here.  They are very solid and different in feel from most modern embroidery scissors, the blades are thick and obviously not intended for very fine work, but they do cut cleanly.   

The other pair was manufactured by Tamsco, I am a sucker for gunmetal finishes.  I primarily bought these to look at amongst the others in the collection, but in use they are a decent pair of all-around snippers. Could do with a tiny spot of oil in the action.

Both pairs are around $10, and while they are not the top of the line they are very photogenic, don't you think?

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