Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Scissors -- From Japan

These are so pretty.  And I started another sampler of sorts, too, a couple days ago.   Ink Circles "Alchemical Romance" was 10/10/10 and if that's not a reason for a new start I don't know what is. 

But OK so this might be cheating a bit.  I bought these lovelies from someone in Japan, but they have no maker marks so I don't really know where they are from. 

They are both fairly large and blunt and not good for very fine work.  Very pretty though and it's ok, I have another pair from Japan that is super-great for the fine stuff.  Meet Kai Scissors:

Yes, for the safety of myself and others, they normally hang around with that point protector on.  These suckers are not that pretty but they are by far the SHARPEST scissors I own.  Let's take a closer look.

Yikes!  If you are doing fine cutwork, you should maybe know about these.  Specifically, they are Kai's 4-inch straight blades for needlework.  They also make curved, bent, and blunt 4-inch needlework scissors, and I've also heard great things about Kai's shears and other larger blades for a variety of uses, but I haven't invested in any of them, yet.

Next time:  Italian scissors (and that won't be the last of them, either...)


  1. omg I love both pair. Very nice and the fobs are fantastic also
    Be always in stitches.

  2. Gorgeous selection of scissers, the Japanese ones are to die for!!