Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A beautiful new stumpwork book for the shelves

Houseguests this weekend, so not much stitching was completed.  But not to worry, my Amazon preorder of the new Jane Nicholas book finally arrived! 

Stumpwork & Goldwork Embroidery Inspired by Turkish, Syrian & Persian Tiles

As always, her projects are unbelievably beautiful, and also, incredibly intimidating.   My favorite is a delicate scrollwork of grapevines

Mughal Grapevine Tile
or maybe this turquoise carnation tile

Iznik Carnation Tile

Yummy yummy yummy, this book is the very definition of eye candy.  I'm pleased to see that Jane Nicholas has also updated and improved her website as well, with better pictures and the feature that was long overdue IMHO, the ability to pay for these project kits by credit card through a secure server. 

I am still working on projects from some of her previous books.  In fact, I am ashamed to admit I've only completed one small project from her books, a small beetle about the size of a quarter from her fantastic book of beetles

I am pleased with how it turned out for a first try, and I really want to try more stumpwork. Unfortunately, because of the nature of the projects they are more difficult to drop mid-stitch and put away neatly, so my stumpwork experiments may need to wait until the rugrats are a little bigger and/or we win that big lottery jackpot and we build me that stitching studio with a comfy chair and all the storage space and the big windows...I'm sorry where was I?  Oh yes, Jane Nicholas new book-- I give it five stars!

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