Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Mountain of Works in Progress

Whoa.  All my cross stitch works in progress by are normally stored compactly in their own project bags in a tidy tote so I can grab and go and keep the kids and dogs out of them.

My own designs and my projects with other forms of stitchery are stored elsewhere, and I rarely have a reason to take all these projects out at once.  I usually just pick up a favorite while watching tv.  Some of these I haven't worked on in too long but I am not yet ready to give up on them and place them in the sad and forlorn rubbermaid bin of abandoned projects in the closet.

Today, I decided they needed airing out.

Aiyiyi.  No wonder I never seem to finish anything.  These projects often get neglected as soon as I get a bug in my ear and need to finish one of my own designs or experiments, but I love having them around for the meditation they provide after a long day.  I resolve to finish one of these by the end of the year, but can't decide which.  The Ink Circles "Growth Rings" on the left and the fruit bellpull at the top are the farthest along so probably one of those.  Yikes! 

For the curious, these are
1.  Teresa Wentzler "Floral Bellpull" with recommended materials but finishing the squares as pockets at the request of my grandmother (this one is a pain to work on)
2.  Chatelaine "Autumn Watergarden" with silks on 32 ct Lugana
3.  Chatelaine "Alpine Garden" with recommended fibers on blue 28ct Lugana
4.  Needlemania "Jardin d'Jour", varigated DMC on yellow Lakeside linen
5.  Metta Putfarken 1848 repro sampler, but with dark green silks on 40 ct Sassy's Fabrics linen
6.  Renato Parolin "Bosco di Bengtson", brown DMC on 32 ct Silkweaver linen
7.  Ink Circles "Growth Rings" with silk on 40 ct linen
8.  Allesandra Adelaide "Madre Terra" with silk on 36 ct linen
9.  Long Dog Samplers "Do Bears" with silk on 40 ct linen
10.  Carriage House Samplings "Frederick" with silk on 28 ct linen

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