Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Landscapes in the Fall

No, not necessarily the colorful foliage of Autumn...but when it turns damp and colder outside this time of year, my stitching habits tend to turn slightly toward two things:  Christmas ornaments, and quilts. 

I am not a good traditional quilter...putting things together using straight lines is apparently not my strength.  I tend toward small applique, like Hawaiian quilts, geometric art quilts, and landscapes.  All my little quilt experiments must be small, sadly, because of space restrictions. 

This was my first ever landscape quilt, it's about 5x8.  Don't look too close at the poor machine stitching!  It was my first attempt at free-motion stitching on my inexpensive Kenmore sewing machine.  I should have practiced more, but frankly, I'm still not that much better at it. 

I was looking vacation photos yesterday and thinking it's time for more landscapes.  These books are my favorites on the subject, and it's Valerie Hearder's titles that got me started in these.

So I think I'll pull out my little stash of fabrics later today and see how I can interpret some of my favorite places.  I'll let you all see what I work out!

Bryce Canyon, June 2010
Zion National Park, June 2010
Washington Coast, March 2009
East foothills of the Cascade Mountains, July 2009


  1. Beautiful quilt and pictures! It's going to be a tough choice for the new project. I'm partial to the Bryce and Zion ones, myself. Is there any significance to the stacked rocks in the Zion picture, modern or historical?

  2. Thanks! I chose the Zion photo-- the stacked rocks were significant to us, because they marked the place where we should turn off the trail to get back to our car. :) The little quilt based on that photo is coming along and I hope to finish it this weekend!