Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Flock and Framing

The sun was out while I gathered the eggs this afternoon.  We have about a dozen chickens... all hens but one rooster, the prettiest Buff Orpingtons you ever saw.

In the sun they look like gold nuggets wandering around (loud and flappy ones).

They lay wonderful eggs with bright yellow yolks and shells that range from a light pinky-tan to medium brown with dark freckles.  Of course they keep an eye on me at all times:

And they all flock together generally, except the three that are still nimble enough to fly the coop.  One of these has decided to be broody underneath the rosemary bush near the front door.  Bird, I can see you.

In other news I framed a few pieces.  Doesn't Bertie look great in her silvered frame?

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