Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tiny leaves and moss - Green color study

A break from books. 

You may have caught on, green is one of my favorite colors.  And despite being the middle of January, it's still a pretty good time to go outside for inspiration.  Yes, even though the yard and lawn look terrible.  Because when it stops raining for a brief moment -- there's still tiny life to be found in wonderful forms, if you bend down and pay attention.

So I plucked a few little pieces and took them in to my silk sample book.

I heard a rumor that spring will come.  But I suspect it might be awhile.  For now, a green experiment is sprouting!  (haha).


  1. Hmmm - do I detect a new free-style design featuring lovely shades of green in the works?!

  2. Nature at it's best, love your pictures and wonderded what is growing on the tree (5th pic from the top), roll on spring:))

  3. Connie-- maybe. ;)

    Bertie-- Thank you! I am not exactly sure what that thing is in the 5th picture, I think it is some kind of lichen. It is tiny! Those little things that look like little green sticks are only the length of my thumbnail.