Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!


Is why my 1-1-11 start looks only like this today:

It is Laura J. Perin's "Malachite Maze" pattern, not that you can tell that yet, oh, well!

We took the kids for their first time skiing yesterday, it was a beautiful perfect day, all day, from the car ride in the morning on the way up to the mountain, which you can see in silhouette:

To the car ride home, and the gorgeous sunset looking down the valley:

And all the fun times in-between. 

The kids are naturals.  By the end of the day, the boy was skiing by himself, and going off little jumps with Dad's help, and the girl had tired herself out yelling "go faster" from her short little skis between my snowplowed thighs (my legs hurt BAD today).

My only goal for today is to take down the Christmas decorations, other than that, the Dude has decided he will take most of the kid-entertaining duties today so I can have a stitchy day.  Awww. 

Happy New Year, everyone!

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