Friday, January 21, 2011

By request

For Karen:

Proof I read all your comments!  Karen wanted to see a photo of the fibers for my newest canvaswork project, so here's an up-to-date WIP photo and fibers for Tuscan Midnight.  Click to see larger version.  YUMMY.

I've been scarce the past few days, more sick kids and heavy workload around here...BUT good news, I've been getting lots of wonderful new (or new-to-me) books in the mail the last few days.  Look forward to reviews this weekend!


  1. Those are some beautiful threads! I especially attracted to that sparkly rose colored one. It makes me want to get into canvas work.

  2. Hello Jessica, I am new to your blog, and really love the canvas work you are doing. what beautiful colours! Could you tell me what kind of thread you are using? I have done needlework in the past, but it seems to have taken over my life in the last couple of weeks.
    Best wishes

  3. Rosie- These are cotton Watercolors threads by Caron Collection, the colors recommended in the chart. They really lend themselves beautifully to this type of canvaswork.

    Thank you!

  4. Yay, Jess! Tuscan Midnight is GORGEOUS! I love love love it. Which colorway did you choose? The original one? I'm currently working on the NDO Aquamarine. Aren't these patterns just great? Such a nice break from counting on 40ct. Haha. You do superb work, as always. :)