Saturday, November 6, 2010

A view of the passenger seat

Not much time for blogging these last few days, as I suspected.  See my stitching in this photo?

It's in there.  Look hard.

Yeah.  Put away, inside the pouch with the purple trim.  Not much time for stitching, either.  It's busytimes!

But, this morning the little gal and I did break out the crayons for a hardcore coloring (and designing) session, so I am ever hopeful!

My go-to digital camera has a fatal lens error so I'm using the backup, previous-generation camera this week.  And my laptop battery stopped working and our DSL modem is breaking is amazing how all this stuff comes all at once!  Nevertheless, in spite of (or because of) all this, I expect I'll need to curl up with some non-electronic needles and thread this evening to decompress from the busy week, and there may be actual stitching content posted tomorrow...cross your fingers!

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