Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Android apps for stitchers

A new phone!  Sharp!

This thing is so smart it's practically a genius.  Of course I went looking for Android apps for stitchers and embroiderers.  Didn't find any-- there are a few apps for knitters, but I'm not surprised, that bunch always embraces new technology quickly.  I did find a few apps that lend to creativity and making life easier, though.

One of the most fun in Benjamin Moore's Color Capture.   It really takes advantage of the great screen and photo technologies packed into the phone, and allows you to directly find colors from a photo (from the phone or linked from a web accout).  This is finding a green in a photo I just took of the weedy backyard:

Also can find complementary colors to one you've picked out of a photo.  This is a lot of fun.

Of course, eBay is a favorite of many people, but the eBay app already helped me win these scissors:

And say you're out shopping and you see a book or cd or refrigerator or whatever you want to comparison shop, whip out the price scanner app and go to town:

I've also had a good time already reading blogs on it, and stitching along to Pandora music and radio stations from around the world.  The mixture of high tech satellite and phone with my low-tech silk and linen is really delicious to me.

If you know of any great stitchy apps, let me know in the comments.  If I find more I'll keep you posted.

Oh, yeah-- it also makes phone calls...


  1. Looks like the Fascinate? I just got one at the end of October. Looks like I need to do some more looking through the apps!

  2. Yes, it's the Fascinate. I love it, so far!