Friday, March 18, 2011

New Dovo and Kai scissors reviewed

I bought these a few weeks ago now, but looking through my photos I realized I forgot to post them!  I went to the big sewing expo over my birthday weekend and I found these:

Gorgeous, right?  They are super-pretty 5" Deco-style Dovos.  The show special made them a steal compared to many Dovos.  The ladies at the booth I bought them from said they were being discontinued, but it became pretty obvious pretty fast that I know more about the brand than they did when they asked me what all the different kinds are used for.  Hmm.  Anyway I've already tried these out to cut some small applique pieces for a landscape quilt I'm working on and they give a wonderful swooshy snip.

Also, these blunt-end Kai embroidery scissors. 

I've posted about the almost surgically sharp blade of their standard embroidery scissors.  They are fantastically sharp, so much so I'm almost afraid to use them, especially with the kids around, so I was pleased to see their blunt nose model. 

The standard super-sharp Kai embroidery blades are on the left, and the blunt is on the right.  They are lightweight, inexpensive (under $15) and came with a free lanyard as the show special, so I think these are going to be my new go-to travel scissors. 


  1. Very nice, who thought some of us could be thrilled by a nifty pair of scissors.
    Nice blog...btw.

  2. Hi Jessica, I love to read your blog, see your wonderful pics and... yes! I love scissors!! I'm doing a giveaway about french scissors, by the way. The big black one seems old, awesome and unique. I will visit the site. Thanks for share.