Thursday, March 3, 2011

And I'll stitch if I want to

It's my birthday!  Alas it is a lame-o Thursday.  Oh well.  How old am I?  Not so old, but old enough that I better stop saying I'm 29.  I will say that the year of my birth, this song was a huge hit in the USA:

Also in that year, the "Star Wars" movie phenomenon began (my kids now love it too) and according to Wikipedia, other notable events from this year included the catch of a 44-lb lobster in Nova Scotia (four feet long!), the sale of the first Apple II computers, and Fonzie jumped the shark on Happy Days.

So *shhh, don't tell* I am going to work from home today and do only the minimal amount of work I can get away with, and spend the rest of the time stitching and dreaming of summer travel.  Want to see my birthday gift to myself?

Cute little scalloped gold-handle Dovo scissors and an adorable magnetic mouse needle keeper that looks like the little mouse friends in The Tailor of Gloucester.  Both were on sale from the Silver Needle Superbowl sale!  Score!


  1. Congratulations and Happy Birthday with Many Happy Returns...
    so,,, 29 with 6 years experience eh?
    Be always in stitches.

  2. Close, Jayne! That song didn't become a big hit in the USA until the year after it was released. 29 with 5 years of "seasoning". :)

  3. Happy Birthday, Jessica! What a great birthday gift -- I just love that little mouse.

  4. Happy birthday, Jessica!

    My thirteen year old son was thrilled to bits recently when I found my original Star Wars soundtrack - on vinyl, no less - that still had the poster folded inside. He thinks that we'll be rich beyond measure if we sell it. "It" meaning the poster only, because he loves listening to the album. :) Silly boy!